The Lake Gardner Improvement Association (LGIA) in Amesbury, MA
Bruce McBrien, LGIA President

Process and Concept:
During a day trip to Amesbury I met with the client and visited the lake area, researching, drawing and taking pictures for inspiration of the new brand identity of the lake. I spent a few weeks drawing inspiration from other nature and park organizations and from the photographs and notes I had taken on the day of the visit. I did several sketches of possible logo ideas and mind maps to brainstorm ideas and words that might trigger inspiration for a logo.

After redefining sketches, discussion and critique I focused on a specific design, that focused on simplifying the silhouette of the landscape around the lake. 

I also experimented with several different typefaces, layouts and colors to use for the logo. I decided on a symbolic logo type that simplified the landscape of the lake and emphasized the iconic Powow Hill you see in every picture of the landscape, seen in the green of the logo. Each color in the logo represents a different piece of the land around the lake, the sand, lake, forest and sky. I wanted to give warmth and fun to the logo rather than creating a corporate style logo, therefore, I included variations of the logo in both a leaf and rounded square shape. The rounded shapes of the logo present mood that fun, earthy and vibrant compared to appearing ridged and harsh. 

The logo color scheme and type set the scene for the supplementary materials such as the brochures, signs, merchandise mock-ups and bulletin board (including a map). 

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