Where are you from?
This artwork explores the underlying meanings of the question “where are you from?” as living in a globalized world the human being no longer finds him/herself identifying with one nation but rather breaking the boundaries of the nation. Through my art I seek to confront identity through a nation and embrace the identity created through local experience. I argue that a person’s identity doesn’t have to be rooted with just one country but one can have many different relationships and experiences with different countries or even within different places within a country to form their identity. I strive to understand a person's experience from the viewpoints of rituals, relationships and restrictions.  This piece presents a story, each page a portrait of a person I interviewed, in which the connectivity of shared experiences that defines them is done through the use of irregular shapes and lines that weave into their faces and words. These are a series of contour line drawings done in pen with watercolor painted over. 
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